The Pocono Outdoor Club sponsors outdoor activities in and about the Poconos of eastern Pennsylvania. While most of the events that volunteers organize are hikes, there are also occasional bicycle rides, kayak trips, and the like. The venues used are mostly in the Pocono area: Monroe County PA, northwestern New Jersey, and Carbon County PA. This area has an abundant supply of State Parks, State Game Lands, and Preserves plus the Delaware Water Gap NRA that contain forested hills and ridges as well as rivers.

The POC activities are invariably on Saturday and Sunday, except for the iconic New Year's Day hike which is held on New Year's Day. There may be hikes on both days, one day, or none depending on what volunteers have submitted and the ongoing weather. The POC web site also lists the hikes sponsored by the "Pennsylvanians", (an informal hiking group) as a courtesy. These hikes are always on Thursdays.

The Club has approximately 100 dues paying members. There generally four Board meeting and four General Membership meetings per year. The POC web site ( primarily contains the calendar of events and has other pertinent member information. Members receive a quarterly Newsletter and weekly e-mail reminders of events.